комплексная юридическая проверка заключенных договоров услуги лоспеллс

“We help to minimize the risks associated with errors made when concluding contracts.”


In the course of business activities, companies usually conclude a significant number of different contracts. Some of such agreements could be done incorrectly or contain conditions, which were not listed. Such situations cause disputes in the future (for example: claims of tax authorities, disputes with counterparties, etc.).

To minimize and avoid such risks, a periodic comprehensive review of the concluded contracts is required. Such a check-up reveals mistakes made when concluding contracts and allows you to determine steps to eliminate them.

Verification of contracts concluded by a company is often required as part of a business audit, as well as due diligence in investment deals or M&A.

Lawspells regularly provides its clients with due diligence services for contracts entered into as part of their business.

We help our clients to minimize risks associated with errors made when concluding contracts.


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