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“We provide full legal support of the transaction, from the stage of it's preparation, to the implementation of the transaction and support for the exit from the investment.”


Private Equity investments are generally long-term and made during business expansion or buyout of business at late stages of its development. Such investments are typically large investments of capital aimed at establishing control over the business and its continued successful development. Private Equity investments may require use of complex legal and financial instruments.

Venture capital (high-risk) investments are most often made at business startup. Venture capital investments are generally aimed at getting high profits from rapid growth of the business value from startup, but imply rather high risk.

The nature of goals during implementation of the investment transaction depends on its complexity and, as a rule, requires experienced professionals involvement.

Important role in the investment transaction belongs to the procedure of due diligence of the investment object, including comprehensive study of its legal and financial status. Based on the results of due diligence the investor receives reliable information about the investment project and decides regarding continuation of investments and the quote. This study enables the seller to reveal the existing weal pockets and improve the commercial attractiveness of the object.

Lawspells represents any participant of the investment transaction. We provide services for support of investment transactions to private equity funds, venture capital funds, private investors and represent interests of target companies.


We help our clients to consider all the aspects of investment transactions, prepare documents for investors, conduct due diligence of business and provide full legal support of the deal starting from its preparation to development of the strategy and divestiture.

We also advise investors and portfolio companies in respect of their mutual relations, rights and obligations of shareholders and corporate bodies.

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