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“We regulary advise business owners and executives on compliance of shareholders’ rights and resolution of corporate disputes.”


Shareholders’ rights may be conditionally divided into property rights that are associated with payment of dividends and disposal of shares, and non-property rights associated with taking part in business management. The actual implementation of these rights gives shareholders the opportunity to directly influence the activities of the business and receive dividends. Proper protection of shareholders’ rights also affects the company's investment attractiveness.

Russian laws provide measures targeted to protect shareholders’ rights, failure to comply with such will result in civil, administrative and criminal liability. Correctly drafted  founding corporate documents also play an important role in protecting rights of shareholders, also shareholders’ agreements considering specifics of the business.

Disregard of shareholders’ rights may lead to corporate disputes among shareholders, as well as in relation to the company or top-managers.

Protection of shareholders’ rights requires knowledge and practical experience in corporate law. In the event of corporate disputes the company may also need professional assistance for pre-trial resolution of disputes or protection of shareholders’ rights in court.


We regulary  and successfully advise business owners and executives on observance of shareholders’ rights and resolution of corporate disputes, which arise during all types of company's business activities. 

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