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“We help to find effective solutions in conflict situations arising in the frame of labour relations.”


Labour disputes arise due to violations by the employer concerning the rights of workers or abuse of rights by the employee. Major number of labour disputes arise on the issues of dismissals, payment of wages, compensation for harm to the employer.

In labour disputes, laws, government agencies and courts are usually on the side of workers.

A significant share of the employer's risks, in the event of a dispute, is usually associated with improper paperwork. In this regard, employers need to pay special attention to the observance of the rules stipulated by law and internal documents for formalizing all actions in relation to employees.

Lawspells works as a consultant and representative in the resolution of labour disputes regularly. We provide qualified legal support on the following issues:

- consulting in the event of a dispute, examination of documents and formation of a position in relation to the subject of the dispute;

- out-of-court settlement of a dispute, negotiations;

- representation of interests in the labour inspectorate and in the prosecutor's office;

- preparation of procedural documents and the arrangement of the evidence base;

- representation of interests in court;

- and many other aspects of the labour disputes settlement, both through negotiations and in courts or competent authorities.

We will help you to find an effective solution in a conflict situation that had risen within the frame of labour relations.


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