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“We help to formalize purposes of joint venture and agreements of partners, determine and implement the optimal structure of joint venture, and also safe exit from joint venture whenever necessary.”


Joint ventures (JV) - a convenient form of mutually beneficial cooperation of investors, used in various industries. In most cases, JVs imply a simple value of share interest and  absence of reputation and economical risks comparing to mergering.

There are several forms of joint venture. This is not only legal enteties, but also joint activities without forming a company (for example, agreements on joint activities (investment partnerships)). There are different optimal corporate structures, which allow to count in all the interests of JV members and ensuring achievement of the objectives for which the JV was established. Such structures can be created in Russia, but, often when creating a joint venture, due to various reasons, partners extend JV structures also to certain foreign jurisdictions.

As a rule, each partner in a joint venture has a significant share and acts as an active investor. In this regard, particular importance belongs to proper regulation of mutual agreements between the JV parties in terms of JV’s general purposes, rules of interaction, JV financing, profit sharing, etc. For successful operation JV structure must reflect interests, rights and obligations of all parties involved.

To create and open up a JV, one has a need in professional work of experts with knowledge and experience, who will choose and deal with necessary legal and financial instruments.

Lawspells provides comprehensive services for organization, support and termination of joint ventures. We help formalize purposes of joint venture and partners' agreements, determine and implement the optimal structure of a joint venture, as well as safe exit from the JV when needed.


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