Gosduma RF Razreshila Provodit Finansovye Operacii Po Voditelskomu Udostovereniyu

"The author of the initiative was the Government of the Russian Federation"

Mintrans RF Perevedet Putevye Listy V Elektronnyj Format

"It is assumed that the bill will be submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation by the end of 2021"

V Gosdumu RF Vnesen Zakonoproekt Ob Aukcionah Na Krasivye Avtonomera

"Trades will be commissioned by the State Traffic Inspectorate"

Mintrans RF Uzhestochit Trebovaniya K Fotosnimkam Na Punktah Tekhnicheskogo Osmotra Transportnyh Sredstv

"In the photographs, the vehicle must be visible from the front and from the side at the same time, and a technical expert must be standing nearby"

V Rossii Planiruetsya Uvelichit Shtraf Za Polzovanie Telefonom Za Rulem

"The amount of the sanction may be 10 thousand rubles"

Vladelcam Elektromobilej Predostavyat Dopolnitelnye Skidki

"The discount will be provided on electric vehicles assembled in Russia"

V Rossii Planiruetsya Razreshit Prodazhu Alkogolya Na AZS

"The sale of alcohol at gas stations was banned in 2012"

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