V Rossii Planiruetsya Izmenit Ekzamen Dlya Migrantov

"Rosobrnadzor has allowed the assessment of oral speech in the exam for migrants"


The Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science is considering the possibility and expediency of including an assessment of oral speech in the exam for labor migrants.

Rosobrnadzor notes that during their stay in Russia, many migrants often have to communicate in Russian, so assessing oral speech can play an important role.

Currently, the oral part of the exam is only absent when obtaining a work permit or patent, but for other levels of the exam, the "Speaking" section is provided. Introducing this section into the exam for labor migrants will require changes to the regulations on conducting exams in Russian as a foreign language, Russian history, and the fundamentals of Russian legislation.

Rosobrnadzor is also considering the possibility of increasing the minimum score for the exam for foreigners from the current 50 to 80. Natalya Trukhanovskaya, the rector of the Pushkin Russian Language Institute, considers this to be an important factor for the successful adaptation of foreign citizens in society and in the workplace.


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